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Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy


Moje przemyślenia na temat tej książki wrzuciłem tutaj.


  • Look for a slipstreams and wormholes in your life
  • Question everything
  • Do not have more than 3 priorities - if you have more you have none
  • Disentangle your tangled life to increase the ability to slipstream
  • The stages of commitment
    • adventure
    • season
    • mariage
  • Path to success is a constant refinement. From the outside it looks you have everything “all-figured-out”, on the inside you feel like an imposter.
  • “Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t want switch places with.”
  • Turn your goals into a bucket list
    • Make a list of things that must happen before you die. When you do it, you quickly realize that many/most of the things you spend your time on won’t get you there.
    • “Rather than trying to publish 5 articles in the next week, my goal is to get published on the Tim Ferris blog in the next few months. In order to do this I need to be writing a lot, but the goal is more exciting than just writing articles.”
    • Put deadlines on your bucket list. Make them happen. Buy that plane ticket. Ask that girl on a date.
  • Develop a trigger to create flow when you are about to write.
    • “I open my journal, write about my goals, offer a prayer, grab a drink of water and do some quick pacing.”
    • Little routine to trigger the brain.
  • Answer the questions
    • what activities trigger your finest performance?
    • what things trigger happiness in you?
    • what things put you in a mental place where you are completely present?
  • “Until you decide what you want to do, you’ll continue wasting absurd amounts of time. You’ll lack direction and motivation. Thus, you’ll never gain momentum and always continue as a novice in everything you do. You’ll also fail to experience the luck that strikes up those with purpose.” ~Benjamin Hardy
  • parkinson’s law -> “work expands as to fill the time available for its completion”
  • some people move faster - if I and Tim Ferris had the same goal, Tim would achieve it in 1 day, I would achieve it in 3600 days
  • A person choosing to spend large portions of time in an unsatisfying job in order to make ends meet is on a fast track to his deathbed. Time will move increasingly faster as a result of his slow pace—the relativity of time. 
  • My question is, how many best parts will there be and how many years will you spend in fast-forward? You may be young in years, but you are closer to death than you think. 
  • Slowing time is truly a matter of quality more than quantity. The destination a person is traveling toward must be intrinsically desirable. When on the wrong path, time will fly and what was done during that time will be forgotten. The goal isn’t an infinite quantity of time, but the highest quality of time. This is where time slows down. 
  • Very rarely will one slipstream get you directly from point A to point B. Just as in Andromeda, slipstreaming often resembles hitchhiking cross-country. Each slipstream takes you closer to your ultimate destination. At some point you may need to exit a slipstream in order to enter another. New paths, faster speeds, narrower foci. Don’t get stuck in one slipstream just because it worked in the past. What got you here, won’t get you there.
    • 1) greater distance traveled makes the potential of passing a wormhole more likely;
    • 2) the slowing of time allows a person to recognize more of their surroundings or see more wormholes in his or her life; and
    • 3) those in fast slipstreams are generally people who are willing to take risks others will not, treading into wormholes with unknown or uncertain ends.
  • Stephen Covey - Beginning with the end in mind
  • The more dramatic the change, the slower the duration of time. Consequently, experiencing rapid change at the fastest rate possible inversely slows time. However, change for the sake of change alone can be detrimental—change ought to accelerate us in a desired and useful direction
  • “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” —Mario Andretti
  • I not only sought to adapt to my new slipstream, but I wanted to prepare myself for the fastest slipstreams and most gnarly wormholes possible. Never be offended that your new circumstances require you to change. Be humble and receptive. Rather than simply going where you need to go, be willing to become who you need to become
  • Stage four initiates a point of no return. It requires an intimate experience with light. In fact, it is a deep knowledge that all things (including the self) are fundamentally light. This understanding must effect every decision. At this stage, the time hacker has moved beyond space-time and become light. Every possibility exists in the ever-present now. Thus, these rare stage four individuals have full access to the governing power of the universe.
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